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From traffic volume to transmission issues & load patterns, a Health Check provides the information you need to locate problems, analyze trends, and make more informed management decisions. With what, where, when, why, who and how of your network, you have the actionable information necessary to maximize performance and ensure a high level of service to users.

How it works

The Network Health Check consists of a project plan, data collection and network performance report. This service, performed onsite can be conducted as an individual project or as periodic check-up within a regularly scheduled maintenance plan. Customers have the option of customizing data collection and reports according to their specific needs.

How it helps

A complete review and report of your network's vital signs gives you a clear, current and comprehensive understanding of your network. This is essential to maximizing current performance as well as building for the future. Periodic checks help you protect your investment. For long term planning it provides the information foundation necessary to embark on system migration or enhancement plans. Either way, it provides accurate, actionable information upon which to meet service requirements.

Step 1 The project plan

The Health Check begins with a Project Plan. This is the point at which your team and our staff work together in developing the procedures, activities and objectives of the project.

Network Baselining

Step 2 Data collection

Using network fault and performance tools, our -staff proceeds with the systematic, through collection of data in accordance with your established goals. This procedure occurs over a specified period depending on the number of segments/rings being monitored, An initial assessment through trace capture and data review. A monitoring period for traffic load patterns Statistical analysis; load and data Areas addressed include: Transmission reliability: Retransmission errors, connection problems and congested routes Load patterns: Analyze% network utilization, frame size Traffic type: Determine# protocols and distribution Station traffic: Uncover slow response times, Talkers/Listeners: Identify the most active stations Error type: Number, type and severity

Step 3 Report generation

In addition, we can conduct extended base line activity to provide detailed characterization of network traffic, exception reports and the behaviour of specific network devices. 

A Network Health Test is a through review of your network conducted by an experienced staff who collects, studies, diagnoses, analyzes and reports on the performance of your network.