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Network Auditing

Out of sight is out of mind, but NetCheck Corporation knows where to look and what to look for.

Network Auditing

We will inspect and monitor new networking projects from the initial concept, provide on site weekly, or daily inspections of installation progress and report regularly to the customer with photographs and detailed  descriptions of deficiencies and infractions.

We can provide references to applicable TIA/EIA codes or standards that are in question or that have been omitted.

Audit Network Cabling

We also audit existing network infrastructures for compliance with current TIA/EIA codes and standards as well as audit network ports for connectivity and usage.

A network Health Check is a through review of your network conducted by an experienced staff who collects, studies, diagnoses, analyzes and reports on the performance of your network. MORE

Provides accurate detailed map of network devices, i.e. Hubs, routers, Desktops, Switches, Servers, Printers, etc. MORE