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Network Mapping

Our Network Mapping service will give you a graphical understanding of your entire network including workstations, servers, switches, hubs and routers.

An invaluable troubleshooting guide, a network map is also invaluable in planning growth and identifying current or future bottlenecks in your network.

The graphical, easy to understand output is perfect on the drawing board or in the boardroom.

Network Mapping & Discovery Tools output


NetCheck Corporation will install copper Data and Voice lines within a customers premises as required. MORE

Because we believe your network infrastructure needs to be ahead of the curve in speed and reliability. MORE

Is your network fast enough? NetCheck Corporation provides third party testing and commissioning of copper and fibre-optic cables. MORE

From project concept to network use, NetCheck Corporation offers unbiased inspection and auditing services, no matter which manufacturer, designer, or contractor. MORE

NetCheck Corporation installs wireless communication devices in a variety of environments: roof tops, high rise building roof top structures, etc. MORE

Your network cabling is an important determining factor in the speed and reliability of your network. It is not enough to just plop down a hub and run the cables to it. MORE