Fiber Optics

Our fiber optic network installations are turn-key and include any and all associated hardware required to provide an end-to-end connectivity solution. Cable trays, conduit, cable supports, racks, cabinets, fire stopping, grounding and labeling are all part of our expertise.

NetCheck Corporation

NetCheck Corporation is a Licensed FutureFLEX Installer. Follow this link to find out how FuturFLEX’s advanced simplifies the complex…

Fiber Optic Cabling

We install copper and fiber-optic structured cabling systems, as per TIA/EIA, CSA, and all applicable codes and standards.

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing Equipment

Fusion Splicing is the industry-preferred method of making fiber optic cabling connections. Fusion Splicing gives consistently high performance with low signal loss.

NetCheck Corporation has over 50 years combined experience in the Network Cabling industry.

You can view one of our projects involving voice, ethernet and fiber optic cabling here.

Fiber Cabling


Adhere to codes and standards published by TIA/EIA


TIA/EIA 568 General Requirements, copper and fiber cabling components


TIA/EIA 569 Pathways and Spaces TIA/EIA 570 Residential TIA/EIA 606 Administration and labeling TIA/EIA 607 Grounding


Fiber optic cabling allows digital data transmission over greater distances at higher transmission rates than electronic communication.


10 Gig E refers to the transmission rate of 10 Gigabytes possible with Fiber optic cabling.

As innovations in network infrastructure cabling continue to deliver greater quality and speed of data transmissions, you may be asking yourself if your network is keeping pace. 

Fiber optic cabling can reduce potential signal losses often associated with conventional copper cabling and can communicate data over greater distances faster – literally at the speed of light! 

As with all new technology, time and progress leads to reduction in costs, making today’s fiber solutions on-par with copper installations. However, fiber optic cabling is lighter, thinner and more efficient, making installations easier, quicker and sometimes more cost-effective.

NetCheck was the first in the region to be granted licenses in Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s FutureFLEX® Air-Blown Fiber®. This revolutionary technology allows customers to streamline their systems while improving performance, all within a complete end-to-end network.  

As licensed providers of both conventional and air-blown fiber installations, NetCheck will work with you to find the exact solutions to fit both your current and future cabling infrastructure needs. Talk to our experienced team about the differences between the 2 systems. To discover which method will solve your unique challenges, start by answering these vital questions:

  • Performance: Is your system keeping up with emerging technology?
  • Scalability & Allocation: Does your network infrastructure have the capacity to withstand future updates?  What physical pathways exist within your space?
  • Planning & Budgeting: Can you forecast your future needs? Are you prepared for unexpected variables?
  • Work Environment: Can you afford work-site disruptions to accommodate upgrades and installations?

NetCheck will help you determine the right technology for your specific network needs.